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Due to its low coefficient of expansion, stainless steel is an optimum material for use in roofs and façades. Also, stainless steel is not subject to so-called cold brittleness. "Reverse side corrosion", which is induced by condensation water or penetrated moisture on the underside of the sheet metal roof, cannot arise.

Stainless steel drainage systems and stainless steel roof covering systems can be processed with traditional roofing and plumbing tools. However, you should pay attention to the formation of extraneous rust. Using a special flux for the soldering procedure is very important and - as opposed to galvanized stainless steel - special stainless steel rivets should be used. The soldered seam must be cleaned carefully. Winter temperatures, however, do not play any role in processing stainless steel, particularly in the folding area.

Materials quality: type 1.4301 (standard)

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