Short description

smooth, highly elastic, open to water vapor diffusion and weather-resistant coating for Enkopur seals


ENKETOP is a mono-constituent, weather-resistant polyurethane coating based on high-quality tried and tested PUR prepolymers.


ENKETOP vulcanizes with humidity and adheres extremely well to ENKOPUR. Using special PUR prepolymers creates an excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. ENKETOP has an excellent permanent flexibility and neither becomes brittle with age nor at extremely low temperatures (permanently elastic to below – 30°C). An exceptionally well water vapor permeability with a diffusion factor of about μ = 3000 allows for damp foundations to dry out again over time. Due to its moisture-curing characteristics, ENKETOP ensures a good rain-fastness.


ENKTEOP is applied cold with the lambskin roller or the toothed trowel. Please refer to our separate detailed processing instructions for further processing details.

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