Short description

FALZONAL® painted aluminum in folding quality is an aluminum semi-finished material in strip shape specifically tailored to its use in roofing and plumbing technology in terms of alloy, strength and coating system. FALZONAL® is thus perfectly suitable for all applications in folding technology. Rainproof bivalve ventilated and monocoque ventilated roof and wall constructions can be realized as well as complex façade architectures. Falzonal is available in many different surfaces: plain or metallic, copper, zinc or titan colors. Coil-coated aluminum strips can easily be roll-formed, cut, sawed, folded, tilted, rounded, drilled, riveted, and glued. FALZONAL® can be combined individually with other materials as wood, glass or steel. Be it a curved arch roof, a narrow-angled dormer construction or bay window construction, a spire or an extensive façade cladding – FALZONAL® offers a number of options for individual roof and wall designs.