Short description

SF-Cu is an oxygen-rich, phosphorus deoxidized copper with a purity degree of 99,9 weight % copper according to DIN 1787 (copper semi-finished material). Good creep strength; low thermal expansion; bendable due to cold formability and high elongation at break, therefore easy fastening technology; marking according to strength SF-Cu F 20 (soft) - F 24 (semi-rigid) - F 30 - F 37 (hart); building material class A 1. Corrosion-resistant due to a naturally forming protective layer of insoluble alkaline copper carbonate, copper sulfate, or copper chloride; UV-resistant, rot resistant, unbreakable; good resistance against gypsum, lime, cement, and air pollutants; reusable (recycling)

Offered brands:

Barth „S“ / DIN copper
Kabelmetal / brand KME

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