Short description

Zink is an alloy made from electrolyte-refined zinc with a degree of purity of 99.995% and exactly defined proportions of copper and titanium. The material is melted, casted and wrapped around a steel sleeve as a coil in even and undisturbed quality in one single operation. These coils are then used as a universal starting product in the production of roof drainage products and for finished parts in roofing and façade cladding, including the necessary building profiles. Important features of titanium zinc are a better creep resistance, low thermal expansion (0.022 mm/m°K), workability independent of the rolling direction, reduced cold brittleness, and an increased recrystallization limit, which means that grain growth will only start at temperatures above 300 °C (important for soldering).

Offered brands:
Barth "S" Zink / DIN Zink
VM Zink / brand VM (former Altenberg)
Rheinzink / brand Rheinzink

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