Inspiration by exemplary current building projects

Here you can find examples of objects built with materials supplied by Barth.

Titanium silver

The company Siegler from Bürstadt gave a particular appearance to a dental practice in Hofheim.

VM zinc, pre-weathered

Here, the company Dangel-Metall GmbH from Lenningen covered a residential and office building in the city quarter of London.

Quick-Step, roof 1

The owners of a duplex house in Zwickau opted for extensive modernization measures.

Quick-Step, roof 2

The company V&B Glasser from Frauenstein covered a duplex house in Stralsund with Rheinzink Quick-Step profiles and slot-in panels with pre-weathered zinc in slate.

Master seams

The company Reineck from Karlsdorf covered an Asian-style teahouse with Prefa folding shingles (ca. 30 m², stucco anthracite).

Falzonal, pigeon blue

The company Haupt & Schneider from Karlsruhe covered this new building with Falzonal material of 0.7 x 600 mm in pigeon blue and copper-brown.

Rheinzink, pre-weathered

The company Freisleben and Möhle from Flein covered the roof of a mosque in Heilbronn with an overall area of ca. 300 m² with titanium silver.

Prefa roof plates

The company Lange GmbH from Oberndorf roofed a residential and office building with an overall roof area of 800 m² with Prefa roof plates in pigeon blue.